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MWI Consultant’s Unified Message Switch (UMS): Applications in Public Safety


The growing occurrence of natural calamities and disasters has provided many entrepreneurs and government people to innovate in terms of relief and emergency response solutions. Although such events as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions cannot be predicted accurately, the public can be encouraged to prepare for any eventuality and to address immediate risks in order to preserve life and reduce damage to property.

Public safety is a primary concern not just of the government authorities but also of every individual and family.

This is where technology can serve a vital role in increasing the public’s capability to manage risks due to natural as well as human-induced disasters (economic collapse, massive unemployment, terrorist attacks, etc.). Having a life-support during any emergency situation can help people to cope and to move on with confidence and greater determination to improve our collective effort to support and secure the community.

MWI’s Unified Message Switch (UMS) allows users to send messages in various social media formats in one unified infrastructure, providing efficient and faster transmission. Such a facility becomes an advantage when it comes to vital communication links related to disaster management and other rapid-response situations. And even in ordinary communication needs, in business and social media, having this capability allows greater advantage and adaptability to specific messaging requirements in areas as medical service, transportation, construction and police work.    

Public safety is of utmost importance; and prevention, as it is often said, beats having to manage or minimize damages due to natural or human-induced disasters. Communication plays a crucial role in this goal to ensure that any risks to public safety be anticipated and managed with the least amount of time, cost and damage as possible.

MWI Consultant’s has ten years of solid experience in “designing and deploying successful and highly reliable solutions”. Their team is “committed to give every customer the best service based on (their) shared values and trust”.


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